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DIY: Bjork Swan Adult Halloween Costume Tutorial

That painful decision comes every October.. do I participate in Halloween, or sit this year out? It happens to me every year! Halloween can sometimes be a drag if you're a busy mom like I am, but rest assured, I came up with the easiest costume ever this year and it took the most minimal amount of effort. Truly. But, the best part.. it was a hit! The youngster's didn't get it for the most part, but the people who got it appreciated it. I got comments all night and have had several people ask to borrow it. So, if you need something easy and you're like me on low budget, steal this one. Here is the easiest DIY adult Halloween costume ever.

DIY: Bjork Swan Halloween Costume Tutorial
DIY: Bjork Swan Adult Halloween Costume Tutorial

Bjork nailed that iconic red carpet moment at the 2001Oscars in the swan dress and had everyone going nuts. Let's make it! I promise it's soooo easy. If you have an Amazon account, you got this.

DIY: Bjork Swan Adult Halloween Costume Tutorial
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Boa: I had 2 of these, but only 1 is needed. $7

Swan: Cut the neck and toss the body $30

Body suit: I wore a nude tank under, but you could do a glittery bra if you're up for it. You can find a cheaper body suit than this likely.. $29

Shoes: I dropped the ball on the shoes because I ended up wearing boots for comfort. These from Shein would have been perfect. $20

Paint: Orange & black acrylic paint. You need the smallest amount ever. Like 2 thimbles full of each.

Let's make the swan.

Cut the goose neck where you think you might need it. Put it around your neck and eye ball it. Give yourself as much slack as possible so you can safety pin it to the tutu. I pulled out 3 big chunks of stuffing from the neck to make it lay flatter. Then staple the end so the rest doesn't come out.

Now paint! I did this free-handed. I used orange acrylic paint for the beak and black for the eyes. Don't overthink it, just go for it. You cannot mess this up.

DIY: Bjork Swan Adult Halloween Costume Tutorial
Make the swan

Once you have the beak and eyes painted, let it dry for a while. I let mine dry for 24 hrs on the counter. From there, all you have to do is literally safety pin it to the inside of the tutu waist and wrap it around your neck. I safety pinned the neck to my body suit on my chest as well. Wrap the boas around your waist to cover the "seam" (where the neck meets the tutu) and twirl it up the neck some. I didn't even safety pin this part, just wrapped and tucked.

You're done! Go party.

DIY: Bjork Swan Adult Halloween Costume Tutorial
Bjork Swan Adult Halloween Costume Tutorial

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